I started training with Terry roughly 6 months ago, with absolutely no experience with training or fitness (fat lazy and a smoker). I fondly remember him saying at the end of our first session we got a lot of work to do at that’s exactly what we did. Six months later I’m in the best shape of my life, and dare I say it I actually enjoy working out! I put this all down to Terry’s no nonsense professionalism I have and will always recommend him to anyone looking to transform their fitness in a comfortable non-judgemental setting.

Max Tucker

Terry has been training my son, Thomas (11) for the last year. We chose Terry because of his unique blend of huge enthusiasm, energy and professionalism – Thomas responded to this straight away and always looks forward to his weekly sessions. Thomas wanted to improve his general fitness levels and he also needed specific help with his gross motor skills and co-ordination. Terry has been brilliant at developing a programme of activity that both manages to address these needs and keep Thomas engaged and positive throughout the sessions. Thomas says, “Training with Terry has helped me to get fitter for playing sports at school and is always lots of fun!

Mike & Cathy Acratopulo

I started using Terry at the beginning of this year, as I wanted to be in great shape to take a tennis scholarship at an American university. I’ve noticed a steady improvement in many areas- the strength in my serve, better balance and stronger on wide shots and in my speed around the court. It’s been tough, but we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks Terry!

Louise Ronaldson
Tennis player

Terry has worked wonders with our teenage son Jack’s fitness over the last 2 years as part of his tennis training. Our son really enjoyed the sessions thanks to Terry’s fun attitude and hard work. He always pushed the kids to work harder but in such a way that they wanted to do well. His professionalism and enthusiasm made every class a positive environment to train in. Thank you Terry!

The Middletons

I feel fortunate to have experienced Terry’s personal training sessions. Regardless of my motivation or frame of mind on an early morning or after a hard day at work, Terry is always able to help me reach my potential and push my limits with each session. Having before never used gym’s or personal training, always preferring to play sports, I had always found gym’s intimidating but with a genuine warmth of character and an ability to connect with whomever he meets, he has helped me realise that gym’s and personal training with the right guidance are a great addition to any lifestyle. He structured a smart and concise program that has helped me see real results. I would absolutely recommend his services.

Gareth Davies
Account Director

In my opinion Terry is among the greatest, if not the greatest personal trainer ever to set foot on this planet. He has built my fitness levels up by using many different techniques and exercises, and has managed to give me an upper hand to my opponents on the tennis court. Although we do have a lot of fun, he is still very professional with what he does, and always gives maximum effort to make his alumni’s better athletes. Terry has made a huge impact in my life, and if you are reading this and are considering using Terry you should definitely contact him. Thanks for everything you have done for me, from your champ.

Will Perrson
Student/Tennis Academy Player

The greatest attribute we could ever say about Terry is his larger than life personality, you just have to love him!! Until Terry, Sammy couldn’t get into fitness, it was his passion and enthusiasm that gave her the bug! Sammy enjoyed every session with Terry, although he worked her hard it was always great fun!!

The Fullers

I want to say how grateful I am for the help and support you have given me over the past two years. My goal, to be pain free and have everything work, has been met in spades and it is all due to you and your skill.


Training with Terry was simply amazing from start to finish. The level of professionalism was top notch.

Chris Tremain
Dental Surgeon

Terry is a personal trainer par excellence! His training sessions are innovative and action-packed! Whether our sessions were at 6am or 7pm his high energy levels were just the same. I have no idea where he finds the energy! I was really pushed within and outside my comfort zone in all my sessions but i don’t regret it one bit looking back. He is unique thus his training style is unique. He has helped me immensely both psychologically and physically. Training with Terry totally transformed my relationship with health and fitness – exercise and healthy eating are no longer a chore but a fun, integral part of my lifestyle. Thanks Bro!

Anjali Samani
Quantitive Analyst

I first met Terry as a chubby 13 year old tennis player. For the first two years I didn’t really take time out to do much fitness and my secret nickname was “body parts”. It was a disaster. As a tennis player I couldn’t last or move at all on the court. However, that all changed when I turned 16 and I started working really hard on my fitness with Terry. What we did in a cubicle of a gym was not normal and we steamed the mirrors up every week! I am now about to be 18 and still working with Terry 2-3 times a week and I have to say thanks. Thanks for improving my tennis and confidence on court. But most importantly, thanks for making me a happier person. I feel like I can fly! But, we are only getting started. Just wait… #BBT (Body By Terry).

Pedro Pereira
Student/Tennis Academy Player

I worked with Terry for two and a half years and in that time Terry improved my overall fitness quickly and efficiently. Nothing was left to chance in the enjoyable and focused sessions. Terry made me fitter than I’d ever been before. My core stability had always been very week and it was causing me problems on the tennis court and in matches, so Terry focused on improving it. We did balancing exercises and moving while keeping good posture to work the core and now after lots of hard work I have improved dramatically. It has shown in the way that now I am not getting injured anywhere near as much as I used to. Also, when I started with Terry my endurance was quite low but there was no need to worry because with all the running and skipping and the exercise schedule Terry gave me to do outside the sessions that improved significantly to the point now that whatever I do I pretty much always have something left in the tank.With Terry’s regimented training getting fit becomes much less daunting.

Andrew Watson
Academy Tennis Player

I’ve been trained by Terry for some time. Personally, I always enjoy my workout sessions with him as he has the right mixture of hard work and a sense of fun which makes the time fly past! I have also seen him work with many other clients from the very young to the more mature and he has the same enthusiasm and vitality with all. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Marian Lindsay
Events Manager

I started training with Terry in a bid to lose some weight and gain confidence. I achieved a lot more than I had bargained for! Terry knew exactly when and how to encourage me, entertain me, distract me and kick my butt! In addition to understanding and learning the importance of core strength for fitness he also understands life.Terry also taught me the right diet for my body type. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Aarti Samani
Computer Analyst

I sought Terry’s Personal Training service in November 2012. I live a very busy work/home life, and having a balanced and appropriate fitness regime was imperative for me. Terry’s excellent professional approach & well structured regimes has this 55 year old man feeling completely balanced and fit. I will never quit training. 5 stars!

Emmanuel de Buretal
Managing Director

I’ve never been athletic or particularly enthused by the idea of working out, and yet as I get closer to 30 I’ve realised that my body isn’t going to stay this way forever and keeping fit is a must. I find doing the same thing for any length of time boring, so sessions with Terry were perfect as they were so varied. Short, sharp bursts, focusing on all aspects of fitness. I especially enjoyed the weights workout we did as I never imagined I would be able to do anything of the sort. Yes, I could barely walk the next day after a session, but I found myself looking forward to the next one. Which I can honestly say I have never said about training before!

Rhian Mclaren
Graphic Designer

I first met Terry in 2004 when I was on work experience in a city gym. From day one Terry stood out from all the other trainers due to his energy, knowledge, charismatic and friendly personality. I saw how his approach to training clients shone more than the other trainers. Terry took me under his wing and never treated me indifferent. From then on I wanted to be a trainer and Terry’s expert guidance and knowledge was perfect for me to achieve such ambitions. He educated me in the science of training and customer relations. He even laced up my first boxing gloves and taught me boxing, to which I went on to become an amateur boxer. Ten years later Terry still reigns supreme and still serves as my mentor as I have become extremely confident to head my own personal training outfit. It was Terry’s confidence and faith in me that enabled me to be the best I can be. His words have never left and I thank him for it. I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now if it wasn’t for Terry’s guidance and help.

Mo Al-Assadi
Personal Trainer

I acquired Terry’s training to improve my fitness, core strength and correct my posture. 3 months later mission accomplished, and i’m still going…i’m hooked! Thanks Terry.

Amy Barber

Terry has had a huge impact on my son’s life since working with him for just over 6 months now. His confidence and self-esteemed has vastly improved.


I have known Terry for approximately 9 years. Not only has he been my personal trainer he has also become a good friend. Terry tailors the sessions accordingly so that it has balance and it’s suitable to my needs. His professionalism is extremely impressive, and his passion & energy is unquestionable. His one-to-one attention and meticulous attention to detail is a measure of the trainer he his. Recently Terry became winner of “Best in Town” a series shown on BBC Entertainment, which is a fantastic achievement and testament to his hard work and dedication to his trade. I would highly recommend Terry’s services.

Paul Aveyard
Programme Manager

Terry Longmore has been an inspiration since I got to know him in my tennis club. His positive attitude, commitment and drive have helped me achieve much more than I could have hoped for. My goal, as a Veteran tennis player, has been to continue to compete with the younger generation. Terry has been a very important part of me staying injury free and remaining competitive.

Chris Perrson

I acquired Terry’s training services in 2013. My weekly schedule is hectic therefore my energy levels need to be on par with my lifestyle. Terry’s training is filled with innovative and practical methods that has truly benefited me immensely. I highly recommend him.

Seb Bishop

I first worked with Terry about 12 years ago, more recently I was once again looking for a personal trainer and Terry was number one choice. Terry has now been training me for the last 18 months I have 2 sessions a week. I can see huge improvements in my overall fitness since these sessions began stamina, strength, and my core has all hugely improved. Terry is a true professional and I believe is the best at what he does. I look forward to our sessions (most of the time!!) and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that is looking for a personal trainer.

Simon Portlock
Financial Trader I first worked with Terry about 12 years ago, more recently I was once again looking for a personal trainer and Terry was number one choice. Terry has now been training me for the last 18 months I have 2 sessions a week. I can see huge improvements in my overall fitness since these sessions began stamina, strength, and my core has all hugely improved. Terry is a true professional and I believe is the best at what he does. I look forward to our sessions (most of the time!!) and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that is looking for a personal trainer.

I’ve been training with Terry almost a year now and since the beginning of my programme I’ve seen a great improvement in my performance, attitude to competition and over-all fitness and well-being. Coming from a martial arts background – he makes sure that my sessions are innovative and flexible, including exercises which compliment my sport whilst including various strength and conditioning training to give me an edge over my competitors – allowing me to work harder and faster for longer periods of time in both competition and training. Most importantly, Terry helps me cut and manage my weight making the often difficult process a life-style change rather than doing unsupervised, sudden weight cuts which often can be detrimental to an athlete if this is done too regularly and incorrectly. I can honestly say that I consider “Coach” Terry a significant member of my development team and his guidance both inside and out of the gym vital to my sporting career.

Nathan Graham
2nd Dan Karate Blackbelt, Former -60kg English Karate Federation Team member

This month Terry and I enter our 6th of year of personal training together. Workouts with Terry are the focus of my exercise regimen and allow me a much greater sense of discipline and accomplishment than any gym membership. Terry is great company as he mixes encouragement with challenging sets throughout each session. Workouts are never repetitive. We mix classic stretching and core exercises with free weights, kettle balls, resistance bands, TRX straps, jumping rope and even weighted sled sprints to ramp up the heart rate and burn the hamstrings. The mix of aerobic and anaerobic work makes the whole body feel stronger and I know I’m benefitting from a few days of after-burn after my hour-long workouts with Terry. My goals are simple: keep fit so I can keep up with my young children and have the energy to remain focused in my work and vigorous in weekend sports. I also want to enjoy dining out and the odd beer without thinking I’m compromising my health or my waistline as I approach my 50s. I’ve never felt better. Thank you Terry!

Ed Eyerman
Managing Director

I work out with Terry on Sundays. Great work out. Whether it is boxing, strength training, or cardio, it is always an excellent time. Terry’s Knowledge on health and fitness has helped me not only reach my own goals, but also to start to set new ones! I would recommend Terry highly.

Adam Herrmann
Managing Director

I have trained with Terry since 2005. Apart from being a great motivator he makes each session great fun. He is one of the prominent personalities of the personal training fraternity.

Alastair Speare-Cole

I wanted to change the way I saw exercise as I didn’t quite fancy just joining a gym as I have no idea what’s right for my body and level of fitness. Terry has a way of motivating you to help you enjoy keeping fit and always helping you push your limit one session at a time. Terry has been wonderful in helping me understand everything from diet to just simple core exercises I can do outside of my training with him. I can’t recommend Terry enough!

Asma Docrat
Beautician & Entrepreneur

I train with Terry regularly and I am often pressed for time. Terry uses a variety of techniques to ensure the workouts are intense, varied, and exciting whilst maximising the results in the time available. As an experienced gym member I find the personal training sessions with Terry help me to reach a fitness level that I could not achieve alone. My workouts are based around a mixture of boxing, strength, and fitness training. Terry is constantly monitoring performance and technique, reviewing progress and upping the targets, delivering measurable gains each month.

Keith Wright
Computer Programme

I found Terry’s fitness regimes the most technically sound and consistent I have ever come across. As a former basketball player the sessions were extremely well constructed and practical for my needs, excellent job!

Dwight Davies
Senior Principal, Washington DC, USA

I started training with Terry as I felt very out of shape and hadn’t exercised properly in years. Terry was nothing short of superb. He listened very carefully to what I wanted before training sessions, was very patient yet determined during the training itself and always gave positive, specific feedback. There is no way I could have got through the exercises without Terry’s enthusiasm, motivation and advice! Terry is a consummate professional and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Chris Fulwell
Math Teacher